Spotify Connect Pausing Muso 2

I bought mu so 2nd gen last week and everything has been great… except one thing:

When I’m streaming thru Spotify connect and open the Spotify app again after a while, you can see Spotify tries to reconnect to what is already playing and once everything syncs, the music pauses and I have to press play again. This basically happens when I close out of Spotify and go back into the app again after 10 min or so. Happens to both my iPhone and iPad.

Is this normal behavior or am I doing something wrong?

Sorry for bumping this but can someone share whether they encounter this issue or not?

Have you tried leaving the Spotify app running in the background. Does the pausing issue happen then?
Are you running Spotify app via Naim app or are you using only Spotify app?

I’m mostly running the Spotify app only and connecting to the mu so directly from the Spotify app. If I keep Spotify app open the whole time then it is fine. It’s just when I exit out of Spotify and open the app again after 10min or so that the Spotify app tries to sync back with what is playing on Spotify Connect and once it syncs up the app pauses the music and I have to press play again.

Not sure is this is a problem with Spotify, or mu so, or maybe my wifi, I’m on single ssid with 5ghz and 2.4ghz channels.

I’m experiencing this same behavior. So, when I open the Spotify app on my iPhone or iPad the playback on my Mu-So 2nd gen will pause. I’m using Spotify Connect to stream.

Actually, when using Chromecast and streaming to multiple speakers at the same time (Mu-so being one of them) this does not happen.

Qb 1.gen didn’t pause when I tried to replicate the pausing issue. I tried it with Android and iPad. I even switched songs using Qb’s touchscreen to force iPad’s Spotify app to load the current song playing. No pauses in any scenarios I ran.
Might be something to do with 2nd gen software.

Looks like I’m not the only one. I thought it might be an issue with the Spotify App but if gen1 is fine then it seems to really be a firmware issue. I’m surprised no one else is bringing this up.

It’s annoying when you want to change music, you open Spotify and before you can navigate to the new song, it pauses and you have to press play again. Doesn’t matter if I open Spotify from the Naim app or not, it still happens.

Hope Naim is aware of this and push out a fix in the future.

I recommend you make contact with Naim support about this.

I actually just got a reply from support, they said it’s due to Spotify Connect and the app and they have no control over it and advised me to get in touch with Spotify instead.

But since this isn’t happening to gen1 this means this is a Naim issue and not Spotify? Let me reply back to them and see how they respond.

Before you send more mails to Naim. Maybe other gen1 owners could also take the test. There’s a possibility I missed some features because didn’t have time to wait 10min or similar.
Does the pausing happen also instantly after closing and starting the Spotify app?

Hi Guys,

RE: Spotify pausing after restarting Spotify iOS after a while.
This is a bug in the Spotify app but it needs a stack up of things to make it happen. Primarily:

  • Spotify iOS app only. Desktop or Android are not affected.
  • The playing device must support Spotify Connect AND Google Chromecast. So that means Muso Gen2
  • Chromecast must be enabled.
  • The app must be either terminated and restarted, or left as a minimized background app for about 5mins, then brought to the foreground.

What happens is that when the Spotify app launches it initializes a Chromecast session to the current playing device, but never actually streams anything. This results in the current Spotify Connect session to stop.

Press the play button on the Spotify app and this then reconnects the Spotify Connect session.

We’ll get a bug report raised to Spotify and hopefully they will fix it promptly.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Excellent! Thank you.

Thanks Steve this explains everything and is exactly what is happening. Hopefully Spotify will fix this.

Btw and slightly off topic but is there a difference in audio quality between Chromecast and Spotify Connect I.e in compression or bit rate?

Hi @Zentenk

The latest ios Spotify app now fixes this problem.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio

Did some testing and it’s fixed! Thanks for following up on this Steve.

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