Spotify connect puzzles

I’d like to keep this as brief as possible. Yesterday, I discovered that my ND5 XS 2 had found a new friend. This sneaky waterboy refused to connect to my Android 14 phone. Its new friend turned out to be my daughter’s phone. She swore blind she never tried to use the streamer, and I trust her.

Today, I finally resolved the issue - I downloaded Spotify to my laptop, hit play, and suddenly my phone started recognizing this sleek bastard and Spotify Connect appeared as an option.

I’ve just realized, I haven’t used neither Qobuz nor Tidal for a whole half a year or more. Such ingratitude and disrespect!

Trying to think what word this should be.
Are you just using local files for streaming? I completely stopped ripping my cds after subscribing to qobuz.

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