Spotify connect UnitiQute - iPhone app?

Hi everyone, my phone has had a recent update to the latest Naim software and I notice now that when selecting Spotify via the Naim app, the usual little Spotify logo you can tap which then takes you to the Spotify app seems to have stopped functioning. For some reason when I tap mine now nothing happens, anyone else had a similar issue? Cheers.

Pic below:


I have same issue here (iPhone / Naim Nac n272)

Same here. Just got Spotify after my Qobuz sub ran out to compare their music discovery algorithms and I’m not having any luck using Spotify connect with my SuperUniti. I know it use to work many years ago when I last used it.

Right, so re-boot of the SuperUnity has worked for me. I now have the Spotify Connect function back and working.

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I’m still having this issue, could it be that I need to install the latest firmware on the UQ2? The display is also no longer working so can one still do this without the use of the display?

Works fine for me but that’s on a 2nd gen streamer. Does the Spotify button on the app home screen still work.
To be honest it’s at least as quick to close the Naim app and open the Spotify app so not a big loss.

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