Spotify Connect unsupported!

I’ve again tried to stream Spotify Premium on my UnitiQute 2, and the result is horrible. Stops and stutters all the time.
Spotify’s assistance answer to my complaint is that “If your device isn’t listed (as a currently supported device), issues with Connect are expected behavior. In that case you can use another connection method such as Bluetooth or cable.”
None of NAIM’s devices appear on Spotify’s list of currently supported devices.
Spotify is by far the largest and most comprehensive music streaming platform. How come a company as focussed on streaming as NAIM can’t get their support?
Nb. my NAIM software is up to date, and other streaming services work perfectly well (webradios, Tidal etc)

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Are you actually certain that you are using Connect to initiate playback, and not bluetooth? The latter would normally be more expected to be the source of stuttering or stops, Connect should be rock solid under most circumstances.

All Naim streamers support Spotify Connect, and have done for quite a few years. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t have been able to use it in the first place. The fact that it stutters is another matter, possibly due to a network issue.

Yes, I am sure.
And I have reset, reinstalled the latest firmware, reinstalled the Spotify app etc.
Apparently I am not the only one experiencing problems. There is a similar topic from December for a Muso.

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Thanks. I was just relaying the reply I got from Spotify (I actually did a copy paste).
My network seems good enough for all webradios, including NAIM’s 3 radios that stream brilliantly. It also works very well with Tidal.
When I bought my Unitiqute, in 2014/5, I experienced the same issues with Spotify Connect and ended up giving up. I was trying again as I really would like to be able to stream them.

If does seem a bit odd that Naim devices aren’t listed by Spotify. It’s not generally Naim’s style to add support for any service by the back door, even if it’s technically possible. Here’s a list of supported sevices taken from a Naim streamer manual - perhaps you should press Spotify to clarify their claim that Naim streamers are unsupported.

I did have a quick look at Spotify’s list of supported devices, and noticed, for example, that only one of the various Yamaha streamers that work with Spotify is listed, so perhaps they need to update their list.

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Thanks for your reply, which actually baffles me.
I would believe NAIM should be the ones pressing Spotify to include their products in the list of supported devices and make sure they are. It should be in the company’s best interest to actually live up to its claim and have it stated and advertised on Spotify’s site.
I’ll leave it that. Next time I buy a product I will make sure to truly test its claimed performances before paying a few thousand euros.

To be honest I’m not sure that getting annoyed with Naim about the state of Spotify’s web pages is going to get you any closer to solving your problem. I’m pretty confident that Naim’s support for Spotify Connect is above board here, perhaps @Stevesky would care to clarify?

1 Like lists only 51 audio devices / streamers, I doubt that this is in any way complete. The Spotify website says to talk to the manufacturer if a device is missing on the Spotify pages. It seems that they are quite aware that they are not listing everything

Thanks @Suedkiez.
I am actually trying to speak to the manufacturer (NAIM). That’s why I wrote my original post.
Maybe there is a better way to get in touch than this community site?

Thanks for your replies. I am not getting annoyed about the state of Spotify’s web page. I am getting annoyed about my NAIM device not streaming satisfactorily. When Spotify doesn’t list NAIM among the devices they support and tell me to get in touch with the manufacturer I am just trying to get help from the manufacturer.
Maybe someone at NAIM care to clarify?

This is the forum for Naim fans, customers etc… so not the best place to get in touch with Naim directly.

The website gives you all the details you need for contacting Naim;

Thanks Richard, I just sent an email to

A mail I sent them in December on another topic is still unanswered. Let’s hope this one gets some attention.

If you have the ticket number for that email in December I’ll get in touch with Naim and ask them to look into it. Was it while they were on Christmas break?

Thanks a lot @Richard.Dane.
I got ticket 97513 on Dec. 1st.

Thanks Christian. I’ve ask Naim to look into it for you.

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Hi @ChristianG

We are one of the original implementers of Spotify Connect technology in our products and all of them are certified and signed off by Spotify at their labs. The actual Spotify code is supplied by Spotify as a closed library, not by Naim so its quite a bounded Spotify eco-system.

Typically dropouts on Spotify are caused by very high delays between the Spotify server and the product. This can be a localised issue in the country - however, we find in most cases its down to ISP provided routers that have very limited capabilities.

Our support team can step you through a network test process and I would suggest get that done first. Also to see if it is a local network problem in the Naim app (settings(gear icon)->inputs and sources->Spotify) change the quality setting to a lower setting. If it starts playing reliably then its a localised data bandwidth issue.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Thanks Steve. One your colleagues did indeed help me with a network process, and I got his analysis this morning suggesting some changes which I will have to look into.
Changing the input quality setting to a lower quality doesn’t seem to help.
Your colleague also mentions that the software should be updated version by version.
Quote: “it can cause issues with some streaming services if you went from 4.0 to 4.7 for example missing a couple of updates in between. If so, try going to 4.4 then to 4.7 and see if that resolves this”, which I find surprising but will try.
On another note I would suggest you get Spotify to include your devices among the ones they list as “supported” on their site. It would avoid them giving other NAIM owners the bull* answer they gave me.

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There were some known issues jumping firmware updates, between 4.3 and 4.6, but I’m pretty sure this was resolved with 4.7 and that you would be OK to jump straight to it.

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Jumping straight to v4.7 is fine. No need to do every step.

As part of the upgrade process the CnE (the equiv of the backend persistent storage) is reset and all the settings are pushed back in again. Historical versions are lost completely.

There was an issue between 4.4 and 4.6 where the CnE version was incorrectly versioned by a third party so the upgrade didn’t kick the refresh. This caused the Tidal key to go missing if you didn’t go through a version that already had the Tidal key in it.

best regards


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