Spotify integration - what is the point?

Hi I am just curious as to what is the benefit from the Spotify integration in the Naim app. It seems to step outside the app when opened so I am puzzled as to what the gain is?

Spotify is not integrated into Naim streamers in the way that Tidal and Qobuz are. The only option they offer is Spotify Connect, so if you choose it in the Naim app it takes you to where you need to be in the Spotify app.

Thanks very much Chris.
I am thinking then there is no benefit if you can connect to your Naim streamer directly with the Spotify app sq wise?


I wouldn’t be using Spotify though if I was interested in SQ.

There is no benefit, as it’s exactly the same whether you open the Spotify app directly or via the link in the Naim app.

Thanks both. Was just making sure I understand this. It seems to me you might be better off using Qobuz rather than Spotify, even if Spotify offered SQ similar to Qobuz, as Qobuz is better integrated?

Spotify wants to control the user experience and use it to control their brand and market their services. There is not much business in just supplying audio data - that is a very small business.

Almost in the same ballpark there was news today on the shareholder action against Block and their purchase of 88% of Tidal a few years back. The complaint was that Tidal is commercially unviable and that should have been obvious. The judge threw it out saying that while it may be true Tidal is a mess it is not illegal to be stupid and make bad calls.

There are pros and cons to consider. Tidal gives you the choice of Connect, like Spotify, or native control from within the Naim app. Qobuz has no Connect option, although they have been making vague promises about it for years.
Some prefer Connect because some fearures of the Qobuz or Tidal apps are not available in the Naim app.

I get the way you think, but the sound quality is not determined by which app you use, but how the software is integrated in the streamer. The Naim app and the Spotify app are ‘remote controls’ for the real software that is integrated in the streamer itself.

If you select a playlist on Spotify, or Qobuz in the Naim app, the streamer pulls the music from the servers of Spotify or Qobuz. If you start playback of a playlist from your phone on the Naim streamer and you would shut down your phone, the streamer keeps on playing.

So, the real integration is outside the Naim app, but in the streamer.

Tidal offers the same as Spotify, you could also connect from the Tidal app instead of the Naim app, but with Tidal you have a choice. Qobuz is reportedly working on a ‘connect’ option as well.

Then it is up to you to decide which app suits your habits best.

OK I have got it. I can remember a discussion in a Linn forum on the merits of different ‘controls’ for SQ. Thanks for the advice - I have got it now. One last question if I used Deezer as a remote control it would not be as good as it is not integrated like Qobuz etc?

I like Spotify, I know that it is not lossless, but sometimes I find it more musically and enjoyable than Roon+Qobuz streaming.

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Deezer is not integrated which means you need to either use chrome cast or airplay. That doesn’t mean it cannot sound as good.

Qobuz and Spotify do sound very different indeed, that’s for sure.

What amp, speakers and streaming source are you using?

linn dsm/3 → nac 552 → nap 500 → dynaudio s5.4

Hi thanks,
I am thinking Deezer (or any other non integrated service) is not going to be as good as it is not integrated in the streamer in the same way as say Qobuz is?

Why shouldn’t it? What do you mean with ‘as good’? Experience? Sound quality?

Bear with me. Talking about SQ - my thinking the software in the streamer would favour apps that were integrated. Or whether the app supports the service or not is irrelevant and the software in the steamer is agnostic as to the control.
If so then the benefit of integration in the app is just ease of use.

The software integrated in the server is often provided by the company offering the service, to be integrated into the streamer software. Could be a native piece of software, like Spotify Connect or Tidal Connect, or a generic service like Airplay (by Apple) or Chromecast (by Google).

It very much depends on both the quality of the package offered to the integrator (the HiFi manufacturer) and the quality of integration by that manufacturer.

A service over Airplay doesn’t necessarily sound worse than the same service over a native software integration.

Very nice :slight_smile:. Absolutely no doubt that you can hear the difference between Qobuz and Spotify then. I much prefer Qobuz to Spotify - whether it’s through the Naim app or via Roon. The two are like night and day to me. A crazy hobby but it keeps me sane…kind of… :rofl:

OK thanks. I have got it now - thanks to all for all the info and input.
And yes Qobuz sounds significantly better than Spotify, to me, however it arrives.