Spotify Jumping/ skipping issue

Today, streaming my liked songs from Spotify, the songs started having little jumps/skips: micro spaces in the track. Very annoying.
My Unity Star is hard-wired to the network, is ip to date software and I’ve re-set the app, shut everything down and back up a gain, even changing the stream from my phone to my ipad. No difference.

Any ideas?

As an additional note to my first point: I now notice the same little blanks listening to the radio.
I’ve done a speed test and all seems fine. My unity star is wired to the router so can’t be an issue.
I’ve turned router off and on as a hopeful reset.
I’m getting download of 148mbs via my BT fibre (To the house).
There is a figure relating to “JITTER” of 2ms.
This apparently refers to micro losses in data, but seems too low to be a problem?

Is there a reset for the Unity Star?

Have you tried to turn off, when the star is on, hold the power button until the device is turned off. Then turn back on, and it will boot for the first time. I do this when I experience the same over a period of time. Ah I noticed you have powered everything down, so ignore my suggestion.

You know, 30 mins ago I noticed it was slow to react to the remote + app, so I disconnected power supply at the wall and gave it 5.
After turning back on, it’s fine!

Thanks for replying though.

Yes same here now and then, it’s a computer and I think the system is refreshed through a complete reboot!

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