Spotify not working

Wanted to try Spotify.
I turned it on in the input settings and Spotify showed up.
But when pressing it nothing happens.
No problems with Tidal or iRadio, but Spotify simply dont work.
This is on an iPad.
Any idea why Spotify dont work?

Do you have the Spotify app on your device? It works differently to Tidal in that you need to run their app, which runs Spotify Connect to stream to your Naim streamer.

Hi Chris.

Ya, i have Spotify on my ipad and android phone.
I already added my playlists.
But when i try to open Spotify via the Naim app it only says no tracks playing.

It’s a sign – your Naim gear doesn’t want to play lossy MP3 material. Listen to your Naim boxes and leave Spotify to the kids and their iPhones… :wink:

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Spotify quality is good enough for sampling new music - sometimes surprisingly good. (Personally I wouldn’t dream of subscribing to Tidal et al for this, my only use of online streaming.)

As to the problem, it is a while since I had a Naim streamer, but I have a vague recollection that it didn’t work with the free Spotify service, only the subscription (ad-less) one. Could that be the issue?

Okay. Maybe that is the problem.
Just recieved an mail from them that they would offer me free months trial.
That is the reason i would try them.
But i am very very happy with Tidal.

Obviously, you don’t sense humour very well…

Hmmm – the temptation of a freebee… :wink:

In terms of interface, I hoped Tidal would learn from Spotify…

Oh. I am not an englishman, but i still perfectly understood your humour.
I was offered to try their Premium subscribtion. Just wanted to try.
But i am perfectly happy with Tidal so I do not care. No prob!

Spotted humour - But then thought maybe you were serious! :grin:

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