Spotify on early Uniti Qute

I have just gifted my original (2011?) UQ to my daughter. I didn’t realise she now does most of her music listening via Spotify (via her iPhone). I understand that if I do the upgrade to 24/192 that allows Spotify Connect to be installed but that’s in the £300-400 range from what I hear.

Is there a cheaper option available? Older iPhones IIRC had an analogue out socket; is it possible to get an analogue signal from a modern iPhone with Lightning connector? Or add a cheap DAC to achieve the same result?

I should add that I am very comforatble with streaming my own ripped CDs but have no experience with the streaming services including Spotify.

A cheap streamer that you could plug in? Say the iFi Audio Zen Blue Streamer. They’re about 130.

Hi, I nabbed a UQ2 for £575 s/h, just do the swap?

Hi: could be wrong here, but can’t you connect the iphone into the usb port (others: feel free to correct me :blush:) & use Spotify on iphone via that?

The Audio pro link 1 £99, connects via optical, has ethernet connection, and can stream spotify etc etc. Try Richer Sounds.

I don’t think that works.

Yes, on the 1st gen Naim streamers that was the main purpose of the USB port. They were developed when iPods and iTunes were all the rage, and were Apple certified.
Using third party apps on iOS devices sometimes doesn’t work reliably, in which case you can usually prod them into action by first playing something from iTunes/Apple Music, then switching to your chosen app.

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