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Is anyone else having a problem with proper functioning of Spotify when streaming on a Uniti Atom. For some reason, when i am on spotify connect trying to play spotify through my Atom, i cannot select specific songs to play. Spotify will only play the selection playlist or album from start to finish. If you want to move from song to song, you have to use the forward button. but you cannot go directly to the song you want to play. Sucks when that song is towards the end of a long playlist .When not connected to the Atom (eg when just listening on my iphone) the problem does not happen. Help!

Hi 604Simkin. I just tried this out on my Atom for you. No issues here, I can select any track or song from an album or playlist I wish to (using IOS). Only suggestion would be to check firmware on your app and the Atom are both right up to date.

thanks. Yeah, it seemed like just a weird glitch that eventually corrected itself. Strange. now, if i could just figure out why chromecast has become so glitchy, i would be a happy boy!

I think a power off restart is often worth considering when you get unexpected behaviour. All of these streaming boxes are computers basically and sometimes the best thing with any computer is to give it a fresh go at behaving itself!


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good tip. thank you. On an Atom, do you literally just unplug from the wall for a bit? Is there anything else one has to do in order to do the restart? thanks.

That’s all you need to do for a restart. You could go one stage further, and try a factory reset. Also, if this is caused by the way your Atom is working over your network, you could try restarting the whole network. That means turning off your router, Atom and iPhone. Then turn on the router, and leave it to fully start up, then the Atom, then the phone. I haven’t used Spotify for quite a while, so I’m afraid I can’t come up with any more specific suggestions. If you’re still getting nowhere, I would contact Naim support and see if they have any suggestions.

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