Spotify problems with Atom

Hi all , I’m in Australia , a new owner of Uniti Atom. Having problems with Spotify , I hope someone can shed some light .
Started off with free subscription to Spotify , works great on my laptop Win10 or Android phone. Stream through the Atom , sound is impressive but after a few tracks, always at the end of a track , Spotify locks up . Can’t move to another track , can’t do anything .
Took out a trial paid subscription so I could stream from my laptop . Locking up issue is now solved , replaced by new problem . Streaming a playlist works fine but 2 times out of 3 changing to a new track cuts the sound out . New track plays but no sound . Dragging progress bar fwd a bit on the Spotify page restores the sound . Same issue on Win10 laptop , Android phone , Android tablet . WiFi or wired connection , no change .
Have been in touch with the help line , they couldn’t help , told me my problem had been referred to higher up the chain , so far no response . Its a bit tedious and disappointing .
Anyone had similar issues and found a cure ?

Hi Dave, does this problem occur only when playing to the Atom, and how are you connecting these various devices to it? Are you using Spotify Connect, AirPlay or Chromecast?

Hi Chris . Yes the problem only occurs when playing to the Atom . Spotify works without issue on my Android devices or Win10 laptop.
All three devices I have tried give the option of listening to Spotify either through the device itself , or the Atom , at the bottom of the Spotify page . Is this Spotify Connect ?
The two Android devices have the Naim app installed , the laptop obviously doesn’t .
Streaming is all new to me , I just followed the instructions and everything ( almost ) worked .

I wonder if the Atom is a little confused by the barrage of different Spotify streams it’s getting from your various devices/apps. Generally, if you select Spotify from the Naim app home page, it should use Spotify Connect. If you use it from within the Spotify app, you may have selected Chromecast instead, probably not AirPlay on Android devices.
For starters, it may be worth starting again from scratch. Log out of Spotify on the Naim and Spotify apps on all devices, then restart your router, then restart all other devices. Log back into Spotify on one device, open it from the Naim app, and take it from there.

Hi Chris . This had occurred to me , so I had previously logged out of 2 of the 3 Spotify version , but I hadn’t rebooted the server . So I logged out of everything , rebooted the server , opened Spotify from my tablet through the Naim app , and what do you know ? Exactly the same , sound cuts out most times I change a track . You had my hopes up there for a moment !
I found the relationship between Spotify Connect and Chromecast quite confusing , all my devices readily recognise the Atom , without telling me what they are using to talk to it . I prefer to run Spotify on the laptop , the much bigger screen is much easier to use . I’d be happy to get it to work properly on any hardware!

Hi again, sorry you are getting nowhere with this. I’m pretty much out of ideas, so I think you might have to pester Naim support to get things moving.
I agree that the different connection methods are not always clear, not just with Spotify, but also Tidal, and any web sources that might use Chromecast, Airplay or other methods. Life is never simple!

Thanks for your help Chris . Hopefully it will get sorted eventually .
I’ll give Naim support a nudge .

Well , I’ve heard back from Naim after some prompting , and surprise , their only suggestion was to do a factory reset , which had no effect .
Anyone out there got any suggestions ? I can’t be the only person this is happening to , can I ?


Hi Dave, not sure I’ve got any more useful suggestions, but just to narrow things down a bit, have you tried any other sources apart from Spotify? Do you have any music stored on a hard drive you could try? Maybe take out a trial subscription to Tidal and see if that’s any better. Try some random stuff such as playing something from Soundcloud using Chromecast.

Hi Chris. Thanks for your continual interest in my problem .
Tried streaming from my phone via Bluetooth .
this worked normally , jumping from track to track no issues , unfortunately it also locked up the remote . No volume control , no anything . I can confirm it is possible to control the Atom from the front panel but it is a PITA . Power off, no help . Pull the power plug , no help . Had to take the batteries out of the remote to get it to work again .
This doesn’t encourage me to experiment.

I’ll have another go to try and get Naim to respond to my emails .

Thanks again.


Well some good news to report . I was contacted directly by Naim and my issues have been solved .
The problem with the remote was caused by a couple of bad AAA cells supplied with the unit .
There has apparently been one other reported case of audio dropping out after changing tracks . I was given a new firmware version to try and this did the trick .
Kudos to Naim for allowing me access to the pointy end of their technical hierarchy.
Thanks Steve and Roland and ChrisSU for your help.


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