Spotify vs. Qobuz

I’ve got both subscriptions - but tend to use spotify way more - automatic playlists trump lossless SQ.

Better move this topic to the ‘Streaming Section’.

Spotify here as well - also because it gives me the option to download playlists to my mobile device. I use this a lot when travelling or cycling.

And the kids love Spotify as well …

Yeah - but the streaming section has going totally bonkers with ethernet cable and switch discussions.

Given - I’m an oddball. I’ve got a ND555/552/500 with Kudos titans 606s, another system with a NDX2/282/250 - and they’re both unplugged and switched off.

I’m listening through Chord Qutest Dac into a SuperNait 3 into Totem Kin Minis + Totem Kin Subwoofer.


Spotify may lose on the SQ, but in terms of the catalogue it is miles ahead and I use a mixture of both.

I use streaming services to ‘audtion’ the physical music I’m going to buy, but a very large amount of the time this is not available on the lower SQ platforms.

I have Qobuz and Spotify and since reading this post I’ve just realised how much I use Spotify over Qobuz.

I only tend to use Qobuz when I’m listening properly using my headphones on a weekend (however it is a fantastic experience).

I only have one issue with spotify…
the queue.

Wish they would implement a queue “add last” option for albums.
Drives me mad that anything you add to queue goes to the top and plays next.

Similar situation here but Tidal and Spotify. Even though sound quality is little better on Tidal and music suggestions is better I prefer Spotify due to Spotify Connect so I seamlessly can control with smartphone, macbook, iPad. I mainly use Tidal to find music which it does better for me but listen on Spotify…

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It is all about “User Experience” isn’t it? :wink:

If only Spotify did 96/24 instead of MP3 tosh.


Its a continental queuing system.

If there’s a “no deal” Brexit you might be able to find a British queuing system where everyone joins the back of the queue.


We have both… Spotify for the car, Qobuz for portable music and the main system for those immersive sessions.
Spotify on the main system just sounds and feels so meh by comparison so I don’t bother.

In the end it’s about musical enjoyment and appreciation… but for background music on the go Spotify is perfect.


I have ran Spotify Extreme (for Playlist conversions to Tidal/Qobuz) Tidal Hifi (mobile and car) and Qobuz Studio (hifi only, garbage on the move) for a year now.

SQ Spotify is not even worth comparing, I keep coming back to Qobuz for HIFi.

I agree that Spotify is the best service in just about all respects, but I just cannot enjoy its sound quality on a good system, so Qobuz is the only option for me.


I’m fairly new to streaming but went all in with an ndx2. I have both tidal and qobuz . I basically use the system as a giant jukebox. I find qobuz marginally better for sq, so I use it mostly, having said that I have used Spotify on the computer itself. the sq obviously was meh but I liked how it tracked and suggested more music. I had expected qobuz to be more like that. Instead, I tend to repeat music I already know, I wish it helped find likeable music. Does roon make any sense to add to an at home only listening experience- while dropping tidal?

I prefer Qobuz for the catalog (classical and jazz sections), the sound quality (Hi-Res) and the presentation (they tend to propose ofently the CD’s booklet, album presentation, reviews). There is a serious editorial work.

Spotify seems to aim a track oriented listing, while Qobuz seems to prefer an album listing experience. I prefer this approach, more respectful of the artist and less « fast-listing » music oriented. As I tend to stop listing music while doing other things and considering it as an activity on it’s own, the slow and qualitatif approach elected by Qobuz match better with my actual (?) paradigm.

Qobuz like Tidal really supports the track only playback experience with interesting and entertaining track play lists curated in different and imaginative ways.
Tidal possibly has the upper hand here, but Qobuz has been improving.
With track playlists I do lock like to use the Roon loudness equalisation function, this become of more benefit in non lossy encoded music.

So… some investors with incredibly expensive audio reproduction equipment are picking streaming services with worse SQ. Deliberately.

I believe the most apposite internet letter grouping that applies is



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I gave Spotify a shot. Poor sound quality and nothing to listen to for my generation.

To give you a hint about my generation, my wife’s favorite channel on Sirius was 40’s on 4. When they changed the genre we dropped Sirius.

I thought Tidal might be the same but when I checked for an old Willie Nelson album Tidal had 129 albums to choose from. I signed with Tidal.

It’s certainly worth trying Roon if you like this style of listening. Personally I never found things like playlists curated for me on Tidal to be of any interest. Qobuz fares a little better, but Roon is better again on that front. Roon also seamlessly combines your Tidal, Qobuz and locally stored libraries and pulls selections from all of them.

What can I say… It’s a good feeling to just listen to music and not worry about what the next step up sounds like - the next step up is sititng in the other room, unplugged.

Because ChordDac/SN3 into Totem Kin Mini + Sub sounds mighty fine to me.

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easy choice