Spotify won’t connect to NDS iPhone or ipad

Today, Spotify app on iPhone and iPad just stalls at connecting when trying to link to my NDS. Was fine a couple of days ago.
Seems to connect to my Muso on the same network and Naim app finds the NDS and streams radio ok to it.
Anyone else having the same problem?
I’ve done the obvious, reboot phone, NDS and Melco but still won’t connect. Nothing has been changed in my system

Ah well that is odd. Using two different Spotify accounts, iPads and iPhones over several hours, reboots of all NDS wouldn’t connect, stuck at connecting.
Next morning, NDS connects first time and Spotify plays fine through the NDS. Beats me

I have the same issue but nothing works.
Have this for weeks already.
It happened after a power loss but I cannot remove the NDS from Spotify, so I am stuck

any ideas?

Am having similar problem with my Unitilite - it’s recognised on my iPhone /Pad, but Error message comes up “Can’t connect Spotify server” - have not had the problem before, & rebooting makes no difference. All other modes working - iradio, etc.

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