SSD fail - thanks David

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Dug this out just to say thanks. My Core stopped ripping after using a Samsung 4TB SSD for 3 months. Searching the site I found this possible explanation. Swapped the SSD out for my original Seagate HDD and bingo I’m back in business. SSD return accepted by Amazon for full refund, thankfully. Not sure whether to go SSD again but that’s for later. For now I’ll stick with the Seagate.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks David :+1:


I’m glad it worked out for you!

I have used Samsung SSDs for years and never a problem (I have twice changed the SSD for a bigger one, which is why it’s more than one I have used!)

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Interesting - we only have a 30 day return window on Amazon in the US.

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Same in the uk and the customer rep did try to send me to Samsung. I explained that my contract was with Amazon not Samsung. As a ‘one off’ they agreed to refund which was, on the one hand, really nice but on the other a longer term issue as the 4TB EVO is now almost double what I paid for it :smiley: TBF I’ve always found Amazon helpful. I was barely outside the 30 days it has to be said.

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