SSD or HDD for the new unity memory?

Does anyone have a view on this ? The Solid state drives ( SSD ) have become much bigger in memory size and have also come down markedly in price. I have read as much as I can about comparing the two technologies but there is not a lot of discussion around audio reproduction quality etc. I would welcome views here as I am purchasing the new NAIM unity server this coming week. I have the old SSD with a NAS and I am looking forward to the new platform.

SSD they make no noise.

At the Bristol Show this weekend Naim were using and recommenced standard HDD.

I’ve been using a 2TB Seagate Pipeline in my Core for nearly two years totally silent when playing music.

Yes, NAIM are using the mechanical HDD in these servers - my sales rep says NAIM “like how it sounds” and this is the reason for the choice versus any noise considerations which the uniti-serve and now uniti-core take out. It’s this “like how it sounds” that I am questioning. The answer is not obvious to me. If the signal is digital how can the drive SSD make any tonal contribution at all ?

I went SSD in my Core after running HDD in my Serve for several years. No issues with either. I just fancied something that could sit on the equipment rack without whirring away 24/7.

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I suspect there is no discernable difference in sound quality between SSD and HDD in the Core for most people. I didn’t notice any myself. I did notice that the SSD is silent running unlike the recommended HDD and it runs cool, also unlike the recommended HDD.



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