SSD suggestions for Naim Core

I’m thinking of buying a Naim Core and wondering if anyone has recommendations for a specific brand and model beyond the Samsung that Naa’im’s documents recommend. I’d like something in the 4TB range.


I use a Samsung QVO 4TB in mine, no issues. The more expensive EVO may look like a good idea (its a great SSD) but the Core reads data commonly and writes it rarely. The longer SSD life of the EVO is based on writes, so not an issue using the cheaper QVO. Phil

Thank you for that. Good suggestion.

Seagate hdd, recommended by Naim.

I´m not quite sure but to my knowledge hard drive can only be swapped at Naim.

I thought that was one of the changes for core, that the user brought the HDD. And it just held data rather than any proprietary software?

That’s true for Unitiserve and HDX but for UnitiCore you choose and fit your own SSD or HDD.

I use Samsung 860 EVO and wouldn’t want to try anything else, although if you want to save money, Phil’s suggestion sounds plausible.



I see. Thanks.

The 860 EVO did seem an audible upgrade on the seagate pipeline when I swapped them over.

Since the Uniti already costs so much I may go with the EVO rather than the QVO though I understand Phil’s point that it may be overkill.

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