Stack hicaps?

Hi everyone. I have a hicap powering my SN1, and was considering getting another to power my CD5X. I have limited shelf space, however. Currently, the hicap is on its own shelf, with some space above. Would putting another hicap on top of it be a terrible idea?

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but is there anyway you can add a shelf? A photo would be useful here, as airflow may be important.

BTW, can a CD5X be powered by an HiCap - I don’t know this CD player, but I thought they are powered by XPS power supplies?

You can stack them if you must. I tried a Hicap on a CD5x once. It made the rather lovely CD player sound like it was on steroids. Over the top and generally not very nice. A Flatcap 2x would be much better.

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Why not look it up? Then you’ll know it uses a flatcap, Hicap or supercap.

I did, but only found the cd5-xs which says “You can make its sound even more expressive by adding our FlatCap XS power supply component”

A Flatcap XS is the latest Flatcap. An XPS is altogether different. A Flatcap would be perfect for a CD5X.

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Per manual, power supply upgrades are hicap or flatcap 2. I’ve considered the flatcap, but the larger size complicates things, unless I was gonna use it to also power the SN1; however, consensus seems to be the hicap is preferential to the flatcap for that.

I know. The Hicap is perfect for the SN1. The Flatcap is perfect for the CD5X.

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Or better for the CD5XS is the nDAC

I have a hicap on a CD5x. I prefer the hicap to the flatcap, but it’s a matter of personal taste. Some like the flatcap better.

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So you have had both? Can you describe the difference you heard?

It’s been a while since I heard it with a flatcap. I recall the flatcap being an audible step forward. Nice improvement. Added some layers to the sound. It was clear that it helped the CD player give “more”.
The hicap moved the sound even further forward and was more assertive. It added a deepness to the bass lines that was not quite there before. Personally I feel like it brings things into focus although it’s too much for some folks.

One consideration is your speakers. I believe I had a predecessor version of your Dynaudios. They were very good and I regret selling them. However, I don’t think they demand that you add a hicap so don’t feel like you absolutely have to make that jump unless you are committed to the CD5x and plan to upgrade speakers to a much higher level.

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I have different experience. Loved the Hicap on the Cd5xs. However it was an olive one.

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Yes, there are others who think the same. I tried my CD5x on its own, with a Flatcap 2x and with a Hicap 2. The Flatcap was the best for me, making the player simply better, whereas the Hicap made it sound manic, like an excited puppy.

I’d suggest the OP tries the current Hicap on the CD player instead of the Supernait first. Get used to the system without the Hicap, and then put it on the CDP.

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I had (have) a CD5XS and like HH on his CD5X, found the effect of adding a HC just too manic for my tastes. The Flatcap gave a subtle improvement, but whether it’s worth the cost is a very personal decision. The big upgrade in SQ for me came from adding an nDAC. I did wonder if replacing the CD player with an nDAC and external CD transport might be worth investigating.


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A CDX2 would give you a system Naim recommended and the problem dissolves. But I realise this is not what you are asking about.

Hope it turns out for you.

I thought that too, but restrained myself from suggesting it. I also thought about a Supernait 3, which really doesn’t need a Hicap to sound great. Combine both suggestions and you have a rather good two box system with no stacking issues. The only downside is that it would be accompanied by a somewhat depleted bank account.

Good idea!

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