Stacking order clarification

Hi all

Yesterday I took delivery of a Friam with base 1 medium at the bottom and 2 further standard levels.

Equipment is NDX2, HiCapDR and Supernait2.

Please can you advise best stacking order as I will need to drill holes in a false panel for cables to come through behind.



I’d have the SN on top simply because it’s easier to get to the volume knob. I would forget the panel - you want your wires hanging free to get the best from the system.

The wiring will all be free hanging. I never touch my volume knob, always the remote.

I am more concerned if it’s best for the amp to be above the streamer or vice versa due to the transformers within?

To keep the Snaic and IC off the deck you might need the NDX2 on the bottom, then hicap and amp. This is probably optimum anyway but swapping hicap and ND is an experiment worth trying if the Snaic still clears.

…I would most likely go the opposite, with NDX on top, then HiCap, the SN2 on the bottom. I control my system from the listening position with either the iPad or remote.

In my 4 shelf set-up (not on Fraim but Quadraspire) I have the NDX2, then SN2, then Open space for future HiCap and a XPS DR on the bottom.

I would have the SN2 on the bottom. Speaker cables should be easier to deal with.

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