Stacking Order New Classic 300 Series

Hi, need your advice.
Because i trade-inn my old stuff, except of TT, LS and Phonostage/Psu and will buy me then the new stuff, so i need advice for the new stacking.
My first thoughts

Stack 1 Stack 2
Empty Turntable
Nac 332 Npx 300
Nap 350 Nap 350
Goldnote ph-10 Goldnote Psu
This would be for me, the most eye pleasing order and i can use the empty shelf for some TT related stuff, like brush etc and can fix there a lamp for the TT.

Second opinion
Stack 1 Stack 2
Nac 332 TT
Goldnote Ph-10 Goldnote Psu
Nap 350 Nap 350
Npx 300 Empty

Thank you for your advice.

Do what looks best…given the NAC332 has its own large power supply (transformer), isolation probably doesn’t really matter like it would for a 282/252 etc


Looking at that the OP looks like he is using the new power supply with the 332 so I’d try and get the 332 away from both the power supply and either 350 if possible.

I think id go option 1 but swap the position of the empty shelf and the 332

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