Stacking Order question - sorry

Hi All,

No doubt this has been done to death, but wondering how to stack my gear on 2 Isoblue racks. My Turntable is wall mounted but there is a power supply which likes to be away from the Superline I’ve noticed to avoid a ground hum type noise

Naim kit will be:

Supercap DR


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for me I would look at



SCDR - this will enure the SNAIC & Burndy hang nicely from 252 to SCDR

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If I read this correctly the burndies of 250 > 252 and XPS > NDX2 will each hang nicely but will cross and likely touch each other. How to deal with this? Thanks

cable dressing required as ever
only x 2 larger cables
252 SNIAC & Burndy to SCDR x2 cables
NDX2 Burndy to XPSDR x1 cable

So bubble wrap or similar where they would touch? (Which they would, I think, as it’s the 252 at the top on the left but the XPS at the top on the right?)

Sorry I have to ask, it’s because I will have a similar task soon and am preparing, but can’t try yet because half of the parts are still not delivered.

I would advise bubble rap or cable ties

let the cables drop normally and dressing them in stu, the whole idea of two racks is brain and brawn, and cable dressing on any set up will deliver more music

i let the SNAIC and Burndy hang in a loop from my 252 to SC - I only have 1 FRAIM but also 300

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Thanks. Yeah am aware of the reason for the two racks and that’s what I will have, just was not clear yet on how to deal with the inevitable crossing if the order differs (which I understand is often recommended to ensure stress-less burndy dressing)

I have a 300 already, a CD player with PS probably soon (as well as the new rack parts), and a pre with PS probably a bit later (hoping for the mythical 272 successor)

Foam pipe lagging weighs nothing and is as cheap as chips, and provides ample separation.


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