Stacking PSU’s

I know stacking is generally frowned upon when it comes to Amplification and Source products, but what about Power Supplies.
For instance is there any reason why you shouldn’t put a NAPSC on top of a Hi Cap DR or a Hercules Mose II on top of a Cyrus PSX/r2?
Asking for a friend😉

I think you already know the answer!
Avoid stacking boxes where reasonably possible to get the best from the equipment and allow it to perform as designed.
Stacking anything won’t stop it working it’ll just not be doing so at its best.


I am interested in this question too. A good racking system would undoubtedly be the optimal solution probably, but if that can’t be achieved, could some separation of the supplies do the job? I understood that the electromagnetic fields are quite small, so maybe some footers could do a good job, if shelves aren’t the answer.

Probably, depends on how invested you are in the setup and the performance you expect. If space is a priority you can likely use something that doesn’t need a seperate PSU.
Isoacoustic Orea or zaZen would be a good option here perhaps?

If the cables reach, on the floor behind the rack would be preferable.

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That’s where the NAPSC is already🙂

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How about turning a Hi Cap on its side🤔

I’ll defer to others. I’ve seen that done with some naim full-size boxes but I always thought the feet were part of the design/plan so it’s not something I’ll be trying!

Naim advised my dealer that a 555PS would work ok on its side when I had real space restrictions, and it did. I have to say, when I was able to put it on its feet as it was designed to do, it sounded a lot better.

I think JV once recommended sticking a 250 on its side to someone who was complaining it was running hot.

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Having separates is about keeping them separate. Having them stacked on top of each other will degrade the sound quality. Sure it will still work fine but it becomes more like an integrated amp. Hifi equipment is antisocial and boxes prefer to be separated rather than together!

The whole idea of separate boxes is to keep transformers away from sensitive signal paths and separating power supplies will give a cleaner better sound. Obviously we all know this.

Thats why its so difficult to get as good a sound from a 3 box system vs a 5 or 6 box system.

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[in the context of this thread the “separating power supplies” presumably means from one another, it being established that they be separated from sensitive electronics.]

Will it? Do we? Who knows (as opposed to thinks or believes) it is the case with power supplies?

Asking for anyone (like the OP’s friend), who wants to know, for whom it isn’t obvious,

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Well, stack all the Naim power supplies on top and see what happens. I have mine on full fraim and it sounds better than rack and shelving used before.

From experience it is better to separate and isolate. These aren’t just my ideas but dealers and others recommendations.

So you are saying you have tried the PSs separated from the things they power, but stacked on top of each other, and that the system does sound better when you compared with the PSs separated ? Fair enough, that is the sort of information I think the OP wanted, and others possibly interested, rather than just blind doctrine or assumption or recommendation by people who might not have compared.

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