Stage line not working

Hi, a friend has a Stage line that I was thinking of buying to feed into my 282 from an LP12. The problem is that it doesn’t work! The light goes on but not sound.
Is there anything I could check before accepting its a no no?

The LP 12 has just been serviced and leads checked so it’s not that.
I’ve have changed the lead from the high line to the 282 to one that I know works, so it’s not that.

Any thoughts most welcome.
Best wishes Amer

How are you powering the Stageline - from the 282 or via a separate power supply (eg Hicap). How is it connected ?

Hi James, powered via the 282, connected via a SNAIC. The light on the Stageline does come on, so I assume that power is getting to it.

If connected via SNAIC5 to the NAC282’s AUX2 input then make sure the AUX2 input socket is correctly assigned (it can be assigned either to RCA phono or DIN - you’ll need it assigned to DIN).


Thanks Richard, I’ll find out how to do that and give it a go. Best wishes Amer

Amer, from the manual;

Input assignment setup is accessed through the NAC
282 program mode. To switch into (or exit from) program mode press and hold the prog key on the remote handset (in preamplifier mode). Program mode is indicated by a flashing indicator on the front panel volume control and the record selection indicators extinguishing.

note: If no function is operated within five minutes of entering program mode the NAC 282 will return to normal mode automatically.

Once in program mode press and hold the remote handset 1 key to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket input for CD, and the remote handset 6 key to select
or de-select the RCA Phono socket input for AUX 2. The corresponding front panel input buttons can similarly be used to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket inputs. The appropriate input button indicator will flash three
times on selection of the RCA Phono option and once on selection of the DIN option.

To exit from program mode press and hold the prog key on the handset until the record select indicators are restored and the volume indicator stops flashing.


Hi Richard, just been informed by my internet provider that my previous reply wasn’t delivered, so here it is again!

Done it Richard and it works - sounds great! I don’t think I would have worked that out on my own for ages. Thanks so much for your help. Now for an evening of getting loads of exercise getting up and down every 25 minutes to flip over/change the record! Best wishes Amer


Good news Amer. Enjoy.

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