Stageline - HiCap 2 Connections

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I’m currently running my SN3 with a HiCap DR and powering my MM Stageline via the SN3’s power/aux connection, I’m considering adding a further none DR HiCap to power the Stageline assuming this would improve my current set up but I’m struggling to get my head around the connection and cable configuration required to achieve this.

Can anyone provide a simple cabling diagram that confirms the correct connections between the 3 pieces of kit, HiCap - MM Stageline - SN3

Thanks in advance

Stageline - SNAIC5 - HiCap - DIN 4 to 5 - SN3

Its the DIN 4 pin to 5 pin cable that you need to get - to take the signal from the Stageline’s HiCap to your SN3. You should have the SNAIC5 with the HiCap.

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Any reason you aren’t using the SN3’s internal MM phono stage? It’s probably better than the Stageline.

I already had the Stageline before I got the SN3 and while I’m not decrying the inbuilt phono stage of the SN3 I can’t see it being as good as a separate Stageline with or without a HiCap but if I’m missing something please let me know.

I run a Stageline (MC) via a Hicap into my 82. I also have a pair of 523 MC boards, which are replaced by 526 ‘pass through’ boards when the Stageline is in circuit.

I already had a spare Hicap lying idle, so when a cheapo Stageline came up on the auction site, I thought I’d give it a try. And, of course, there is always the possibility of a Superline in the future.

Is it better? Worse? No difference?

For me, the jury is still out.

As ever YMMV.

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Can’t see or have you tried this for free?

The Stageline is not exactly state of the art. Not even sure it’s superior to the old phono cards, and I’ve had both. I know I was happier when using the latter than the former.

I wouldn’t drop more money into one in the form of an external PSU before trying this out, and even then I would consider other options as well.

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