Stageline n / nac 252

Merry Christmas to all of you ,
some information and used in the morning i would like to try a prephono stageline N with its 5 pin wide cable but can you explain me how to connect it to my nac 252 ? I tried it with the aux2 input in & pwr but it doesn’t play thanks for your help, happy holidays

Merry Christmas.

The output is probably set to the rca output and hou have to change it to DIN.
There is another post ‘change input 282’ in the posting list above with the same issue. In the Manual you can read how to change that.


Check the socket assignment and alter accordingly.


Hi, Sorry to read this.

Is the Snaic5 the one that came with the Stageline N?

Merry Christmas


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thanks anyway I solved it I had to interact with the remote control and program it , well I listened for 3 hours but I preferred my previous configuration much more , mine was just a curiosity to be able to try it

Which was…? Do tell…

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The Mode Squad Phono drive with power supply and stepup western electric in Permalloy MC cartridge Shelter harmony

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