Stageline N

First topic on this forum and also…italian, so please be patient! :smile: -)
I have a NAC 82 preamp connected to a NAP 250 and two HICAP; I need a phono preamp and I have found a bargain online for a Stageline N, that is sold with a SNAIC 5 included; can you please tell me how can I connect this device to my chain (if it’s possible!) ?

You can connect this but it will mean dedicating one the HICAPs to the Stagelinbe, and you’ll also need a 4-5 interconnect. Instead, have you considered fitting NA522 MM boards to the inside of your NAC82? There are usually a few pairs around secondhand and it should be cheaper too.


I have a 82 and use the Naim Phono boards. Very good… IMO… :thinking:

(I have been using Naim phono boards in a number of NAC’s , since 1982. I have now used almost every variety - N, S, K & E, in both 3xx series and 5xx series.)

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