Stageline powered by 202-Any sound quality degredation?

Hi there
I have just bought a 202 to replace my old 102 in a 202-NAPSC-Hicap-250 set up. As my 102 had phono boards I now need a phono stage to connect my LP12. Im considering a Stageline, but as it is powered by the 202 would it have any affect on the sound quality of the 202 as it now has to power the stageline?
I ask this because the there is a significant improvement by adding a NAPSC therefore Im concerned that the connection of a stageline will have the opposite effect.

I used my 52 to power my Prefix for many years. It was the last thing I felt the need to upgrade. I wouldn’t worry about it. The Stageline will take a little power from the pre but if you feel the need you can always save up for another Hicap later.

Our 202 powers our Stageline in my wife’s system (202/NAPSC/HiCap DR/200 DR) without any noticeable degradation in performance. Sounds bloody wonderful to be honest…:wink:


Powered my Stageline form my 252 for 15 years. Didn’t notice any change in other sources when I replaced it with a self-powered Lejonklou earlier this year.

Bear in mind that when powered via a 252, the Supercap delivers a custom rail for the powered Aux input.

With the 282 and all preamps below that, it is a shared rail. So I guess the question should be “any degradation compared to what?” In this case, the HC will be powering both the 202 and StageLine off the same rail. Is that as good as a dedicated HC for the StageLine? No. And it may impact the 202 also. But on the other hand, is the turntable, cartridge, and speakers either side of the amplifier up to a level that both can show that difference and warrants the expense? I don’t think other people can answer that.

I feel like I’d probably be happy with it as-is but if you’ve a serious turntable, then yes a dedicated HC would be better. And second hand, they should be at good prices now that they are discontinued.

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