Stageline S and Hicap

Friends, the stageline S in which Hicap socket should it be connected? Thank you very much.

The 5 way socket.

So I seem to understand that I can’t connect the stageline on the same HiCap to which the Nac 72 is connected na I have to buy another HiCap!!

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Correct. A HiCap powers one item - only.

One Hicap to power a 72, a 2nd Hicap to power a Stageline.

Its all in the appropriate Naim manuals.

And if instead I want to insert in the system a pre phono of another brand how do I connect it?

Assuming the Phono Pre is powered, then to any line level input on the 72. So, not the Phono input.

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Thank you so much IanRobert
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Here is an idea for you…
There is one situation, where it is possible to use an external phono stage, via a NAC72 phono input…

If you replace the internal phono card with NA326 straight through cards or alternatively just link wires, it becomes a regular “line level” input.

Further reading here

This allows you to continue to use the front panel “phono” switch position, to use a record player source into that input, with an external phono amp.

Hope that helps
Good luck

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Which is pretty much what I do with my Stageline/HiCap - 82/Supercap.

526 “straight-through” cards in the 82.

Stageline to HiCap Socket 4 via a standard SNAIC5.

HiCap Socket 3 to 82’s Phono BNCs via DIN4-BNC cable.

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I already have this solution, I want to have a pre phono with separate power instead, and I prefer it to valves for a matter of spatiality.

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