Stageline Version Recommendations Please!

Hi all, my first post!
I currently have my first-gen NaimUniti with Wiim Pro Plus into Fyne Audio F501s. I also have a Technics SL1200MK2 With Shure M44-7 Cartridge sitting idle while I figure out the best phono for the Uniti. The Shure M44-7 is MM with Output Voltage: 9,5 mV & Recommended Load: 47 kΩ; 450 pf. So, would the Stagline N version work well or should I consider other versions? Thanks.

The Stageline N will work well. A very good phono preamp for the money.

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Thanks for your quick reply, appreciate it!

I hope this is not as old as I think it might be…??

I am not sure exactly how old the cartridge is…as it came with the SL1200MK2 when I bought it used about 7-8 years ago…however, I’ve used it occasionally & it sounds really good without any issues… :o)

How many hours on the cartridge? If you have no idea, you can keep the cart and order a replacement stylus.

Not sure I’d use a stylus without knowing the wear on it.

I googled your cartridge and then decided that you are possibly doing a bit of DJ-ing at home.

Stageline N should be good. I’ve had one.

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I have a Stageline K, good phono amp, gives truly ‘ground-worrying’ bass.

Sometimes damned by faint praise, but it works great in my system - 282/250.2DR LP12 source.


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Definitely a Stageline N - whatever you do, don’t use a Stageline K, S, or E here!


I don’t believe a Stageline phonostage can be powered up by a Uniti, you will need a seperate PSU, such as Flatcap etc…
If thats too expensive, maybe look for Graham See, Rega amo… self powered phono stages.

I’d always go for a new stylus for such old s/h cartridge.

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The Uniti has the required powered AUX2 input, so it’s simple to add on a Stageline without the need for any additional power supply. Of course dedicating a power supply to the Stageline may bring even better results, but it’s nice to have that upgrade path open for the future.


Well, I’ve used that cartridge for the last 7 years, the M44-7 are known to be built like a tank (including DJ scratching :smile: ), I haven’t had any issues at all. However, you are probably right…once the phono is upgraded, I’ll have to start looking at cartridge upgrades, it’s never-ending :smile: !

Not as enough as I’d like to, but yes!

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On the Naim website, it does say " * 24V supply voltage from NaimUniti 2, NAIT XS2, SUPERNAIT 2, Hi-Cap-DR, Nait XS-3 & Supernait 3, a Naim Audio preamplifier (except NAC-N172 XS & NAC-N 272), FlatCap XS, HiCap or SuperCap required." It should work I believe. Agreed on replacing the stylus!

Yes, the original Uniti can power it. Some other models such as the Superuniti can’t, but yours will be fine.


Sorry wasn’t aware of that, its a nice phonostage, a bit expensive if you buy new.

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Yes, new I’ve seen for around £450, however, few used cheaper options are available on eBay.

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