Stageline via Flatcap?

hi, have seen similar posts, but I just need to be pedantic!! I am just adding a Stageline to my 122x + 150x + fcap2x. I can see that I can connect Stageline to the ‘alternative’ Aux input 6 (powered?), but will I get an appreciable improvement by connectiong Stageline via Fcap? I presume I connect into Fcap ‘power out B’ socket. but do I then take ‘signal out D’ to the normal Aux input (non-powered?). that’ll be 4 pin to 5 pin.
It’s the letters on the Flatcap sockets that are confusing me!

@anon4489532 is the master of connecting here. He should help you.

Yes, if you decide to power the Stageline from the 2nd supply via power out B, you take signal back into the NAC122x from signal out D, using a 4-5 interconnect.

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Thanks for that confirmation, interconnect on order and will judge the improvement.
However, is there any logic to the socket naming system, why is Fcap input socket labelled ‘power out B’ and the corresponding output socket labelled ‘D’??

It’s because the four ‘signal out’ sockets are labelled A, B, C, D, sequentially across the rear panel of the FC2x, as you read from left to right.

but no it isn’t, the left to right sequence is
power out A
signal out A
signal out B
signal out C
power out B
signal out D

It’s not what you would call an intuitive machine human interface!! Why not signal out 1,2 and 3 being associated to ‘power out/signal in’ A and then ‘power out/signal in’ B being linked to signal out 4 ???

Welcome to Naim, perhaps the most complicated and atypical connecting. :smile:

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