Star and Atom streaming to TV

I have my Atom and Star connected on a house-wide Cat6a ethernet system, which Is also linked to all the TV’s in different rooms. My question is, can I stream from the Naim equipment to the TV’s via the ethernet? The newest TV is a Samsung 8500 series and it certainly “sees” the Atom, but thus far there is no music. Any guidance would be most appreciated, even if it is just “you can’t do it”. Thanks

The Star and Atom can both act as a UPnP servers if you have the server active anf music locally on them or via USB disc. I take it you use the Star to share music to the Atom or do you not use UPnP? If the TV supports UPnP/DNLA it will act as a UPnP endpoint, you can’t use Naim app to do any of this though as it will only see Naim devices. You could use a 3rd party UPnP app such as Mconnect or Bubble UPnP to send music to it.

My Samsung TV can see UPnP servers and play music from them. This would include music on a USB drive attached to a Star or Atom with Server mode enabled.
Other music sources such as Tidal, iRadio etc. can’t be played in this way.

Thanks Chris, files from a usb do work well streamed to the TV. The Mconnect app organises music is a sensible manner on the Samsung screen, so it has been a worthwhile exercise. Sound quality isn’t brilliant but it will do until I get a Muso for the kitchen!

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Thanks, I tried using the streaming apps as you suggested. Bubble was a pain, very unstable and a waste of time, but Mconnect works well and orders the music files nicely on the TV screen.

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Found the opposite myself, never had any issues with BubbleUPnP, what ever works best for you is key

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