Star earth topology, Nordost Qbase good for Naim?

Hi Steve… yes the sort cones are very “poisonous” :rofl: the uplift it gives… my oh my …

Forgot to add …also using the Nordost Q Sine and Q Wave devices …again made a worthwhile change to my ears…had these on the previous Musicworks block.

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Hi there! I have to say I was sceptical when our dealer …The Audio Room Hull… suggested these items , but they work.
Also have the whole set-up on a marble slab as the flooring in the listening room has a slight texture …again worthwhile.



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Ah Ic ic thanks !!! :muscle:t2:

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Wow , so it didn’t work out for you, the Qbase ?

I tried a Qbase once and to me it was extremely ordinary sounding. No better at all than a standard industrial block from Olson. I admit it looked like a million dollars though - if you like that sort of slightly flashy thing.

The Chord S6 and M6 are something else again. Excellent in my system - though it’s not Naim! (Naim Powerlines though).

Wouldn’t you do better to just use a home-made block using MK sockets or the like? Surely better than retaining any of the gubbins from the Nordost which didn’t impress in the end?

Some Naim French users have the Nordost Qbase and their Nordost power cord to wall.
I tried a Nordost 1k power cord on my ex 300 dr. Didn’t liked the sound signature.
Recently I asked a dealer, wanting to purchase a better powerblock, if the Qbase is a good idea, as I didn’t liked their power cord. They said the sound signature is similar, so they advised me the Furutech 609, more neutral.
I enjoy the Furutech now.
But you may prefer or just like the Qbase.

Pic from Furutech


I love the very fast and deep response of Nordost cables, I guess we have a similar preference. I’ve never heard such an articulated and engaging bass, it happend only with Nordost cables. The soundstage, airiness and detail is exquisite too.

As far as I understand Heimdall and Frey have a slightly different sonic signature. Which one would you prefer (excluding Tyr)? It might be a tough choice, not necessarily related to their cost. I wonder if Frey might feel less engaging (or maybe not?).

Wow, I do wonder how your system will sound with those fantastic cables! That’s quite a treat.

By the way right now I only have Nordost cables in my system with the exception of the ethernet one (it’s a Chord C-stream which works surprisngly well for the money). Also I have dedicated mains and earthing for my system, that had a great impact too so maybe a QBase isn’t really necessary.

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@Blacknote … hi… Frey has a “softer” approach , sweeter and less aggressive compare heindall2. Depends am what you are after . Loan the 2 from your dealer and have a try …

nordost signature sound goes very deep and fast, yet sweet … it’s not lean , in fact it’s very well bodied and balanced . . And all depends on pairing and running in … I would love a sweeter approach on my system which is Frey 2 . If you ask me between the 2 . But if you like bass, heindall 2 works better

I started off using nordost 2 decades ago after having own a few top cable brands when I had my mark levinson, krell , gryphon ,classe . Still I am back to nordost :laughing: , and now pairing with naim .

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@frenchrooster yes this is a good product :muscle:t2:

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Hi @naimophile, maybe mixing and matching is the best way to go and one has to try. For instance one could use Frey interconnects to enhance the soundstage/details and Heimdall for speakers to give a more punchy feel (if needed). It’s not easy to give a proper answer but it’s interesting to compare experiences.

I’ve been using Nordost cables for 5 years and there’s no way I’m going back!

I love bass but I deeply enjoy soundstage, details and refinement; more bass isn’t always better, it’s a matter of quality (indeed I prefer articulation over quantity).


@Blacknote yes mix it and you will still get the synergy of the nordost signature … power cords are vital for a good start if you are going to upgrade the cables , must well get it done :smile:

You seen my pic , it’s a mixture of them, and the synergy is there , and oh yes , this is interesting, you. Can actually tells or hear, rather , the difference each cables are performing what “duties” I believe you can hear that from your red dawn and blue heaven .

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@Adam.Meredith I always enjoy the challenge of trying to follow your idiosyncratic writting, but you’ve lost me here.

I believe the Qbase use internal Nordost cable to connect everything. That of silver plated OFC solid core with FEP insulation.
Some Naim users have specified using “some” Nordost to good effect, although I don’t recall any forum members coming forward other than @naimophile that are using 100% tip to toe full loom Nordost - which the Qbase would find its natural home, of course. (Other than it’s bigger brother QBase Reference Qb10)

Not as impressive as some but still the colourful candy.


You’re not missing much.

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@TOBYJUG haha very familiar candy colors !!!:laughing:

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It was a sarcastic hyperbolic review.
But don’t bother, Nordost Qbase is among the most regarded powerblocks in the audio market.
Absolutely not a crap one. I know you have Nordost.

As for loosing someone, not sure Adam beats you :joy:. Your sometimes enigmatic posts make me thinking. But you are an artist.

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Thankyou. I’m touched *

  • I hope this isn’t made more complicated than it should be from cross translations. :innocent:
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