Star & MuSo Qb with Wi-Fi 6 Router

I upgraded my Netgear Orbi router with a new Wi-Fi 6 version (RBK753) in preparation for an upgrade in my broadband speed (moving to full fibre). Although I kept the Wi-Fi SSID and password the same as the old router neither the Qb (1st gen.) or Uniti Star would connect to the new router, whereas all my other devices worked fine.

In the case of the Qb I used the pinhole to perform a Wi-Fi setup again and it reconnected and worked fine. However, the Star refused to connect when I tried to update the Wi-Fi settings. In the end I had to perform a factory reset and set it up again, although it failed on the first attempt. Now it is working again without issue I have always found the Orbi MESH system to work very well and still feel it is one of the best systems available.

Maybe Naim need to work on the Wi-Fi firmware to be a bit more accommodating?

So it’s all working?

Yes, all working fine now. I thought I would post my experience in case others have the issue.


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