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I have noticed on a few occasions both my Mu-So and Unity Star are unresponsive and require power cycling. I am now confident it is not a network related issue they are both on gigabit ethernet with reserved addresses, there is nothing suspect happening on my network. This morning the unity star appeared to be playing, but there was no volume. This had happened on the mu-so, but it’s the first time it’s happened on the star. As far as I can see we only have the option of putting the unit on standby or doing a hard factory reset. For devices that appear to be flaky this seems like a very strange decision do not make it very easy to kick them in the guts.

Using an iPhone or iPad? Try turning that off and back on before the Naim boxes. Works for me for reasons unknown.

yes. its not the client devices. even the remotes wont work.

Try to delete the app and reinstall it

Almost certainly is an issue with your router, notwithstanding that it works for everything else. Naim units use different standard protocols to other manufacturers. And the firmware for your two units is different so unlikely that the same issue affects both when most people are not seeing this issue. Incidentally you don’t need reserved IPs. DHCP works perfectly well on its own.

So turn off the two Naim units and the router. Wait a couple of minutes and then restart the router. When it has fully restarted then restart the Naim units. Also worth power off your iPhone and then start that again too. Hopefully it will be ok now.

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davidhendon, do you know what protocols they use? This would be helpful as I have a new near endlessly configurable router. Reserving IPs was more of an idea for the unity star because of all the CD rips attached to it.

No sorry I don’t off hand. But that explanation is commonly given by Naim as commercial routers often don’t perform correctly. You might find more details in the forum if you search back.

I think Naim are getting sold an alternative reality from their App developers. The Mu-So and Unity Star are on a small recently installed Ethernet network with a high quality switch and router. Without blowing my own trumpet: i’m an ex-open source software developer, my network is healthy, i can reach both devices via their domain and IP until the App starts up. Having to uninstall and reinstall the App (as a work around) says everything.

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