Star speaker signal in sleep mode

So I want to confirm if something is normal.

Today, for the first time, I realized my speakers are active when my Star is in sleep mode.

With my ear pretty much against them I hear a feint white noise indicating current is running through them.

If I turn off server mode and remove my SSD from the usb and put it to sleep the speakers are fully off.

I know, from other threads, that the unit remains partially awake with server mode on and/or usb connection. But I did not expect the speakers to be powered.

Is this normal?

Put my ear close up and can hear a faint noise from my speakers (Connected to Star), Star is in standby.

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Hmm thanks for responding.

Guess it’s the way it is then :man_shrugging:

I would never had known if you hadn’t mentioned it

Found it by accident as well.

So I discussed this with my dealer. It is as designed. Keeps the amplifier on if in server mode or with USB to facilitate multi room.

Thus a red herring. Sorry everyone!!

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