Statement AV bypass question

Hi all.

I took delivery of my statement today which my dealer setup and tested but i neglected to check the front speakers were working in AV mode. They arent.

I have used the pre out from my AV amp to the AV input on the statement as per my old 252/300 setup but cannot for the life of me get it to give me front speakers.

The other 3 speakers direct from AV amp are fine

Sorry if this belongs in home theatre i wasnt sure which was more applicable.

Any ideas welcome. Naim are closed till monday.

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It sounds like the input mapping may not have been set properly for the AV input.

Were you using a DIN input or RCA input on the 252 for the AV connection ?

See the manual, section 4.1

Enjoy your Statement. That’s quite a move from 252/300 ! :sunglasses:


I tried to help on FB but you did not reply!

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