Static Crackling on Qobuz

Anybody else getting static crackling when listening to some albums on Qobuz?

It only happens on certain albums and is a constant static crackling noise until you choose another album.

Yes! Just started today.


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I’ve had the static/crackling for a few weeks now after using Qobuz for around the last six months.

I’ve mentioned it to Qobuz support but not got any answers yet.

Do you also get albums which won’t play as in you press play the progress thing moves through the album but no sound comes out.

I’ve only been a user for a week, as Qobuz just arrived in Canada. I thought maybe they’re neglecting their “free trial” customers. Haven’t experienced the other issue you describe. Using Roon, by the way. No issues with TIDAL or local music.

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Spoke too soon, just noticed it with TIDAL as well. Are you also in Roon? Maybe it’s a Roon integration issue.

No, I’m using Innuos sense app.

I have a feeling Qobuz support are just trying to blame it on my ipad or desktop computer or my server so by compiling forum members experiences I can try through a process of elimination try and work out where the blame lies.

Update . . . I’ve now done some listening on other systems in the house that are not computer-based (Mac in my case) and have not experienced the noise. The plot thickens.


No issues with Qobuz streaming for me in the states.


No issues via a Roon Nucleus yesterday.

This is really bizarre, I had the same listening to Tidal yesterday. As if I was playing a record instead of streaming.

But for the life of me I don’t see what could cause it. There’s been no update to the firmware, here it’s reported for a different streaming service… Must be a coincidence?


Are you sure it’s only on Qobuz / Tidal and not other sources too?

It’s literally like a constant static/crackling noise that starts when you press play and then stops when you press stop, although sometimes it does seem to continue (to a lesser extent) even after you’ve pressed stop and doesn’t fully stop until you press play on a different album that doesn’t have the problem.

It’s a lot more than a few random low level pops and clicks that you would normally hear if you were playing a vinyl record.

It’s like a full on constant static crackling noise.

I only use Qobuz at the moment, I have used Tidal in the past but not for about a year.

Ok, that doesn’t sound like what I experienced at all.

I didn’t try different albums either, so not sure if it would have changed anything. Don’t currently hear anything playing iRadio.


I have heard it from time to time. It is only on some albums - or maybe just intermittent - so that rules out anything in my network or hifi. So it must be (as far as anything can be “must be” in this digital daydream we are all having) upstream of my internet connection, ie. at Qobuz’s end.
It has only started happening quite recently. I think it is data corruption, probably not of the original but during streaming. I stream with bubble to an NDX5S2 as a upnp renderer.
OK it could be an intermittent fault but the only thing that has changed here are bubble upnp updates, I haven’t updated the firmware in the streamer and I don’t use the Naim app. And other people are hearing it too. So probably not.


That settles it, I’m going all vinyl now. I only get occasional pops and clicks with my old LP’s, it is repeatable, and I know what albums are the culprits too. Darn interweb, long live vinyl. :wink:

On the other hand, I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz but have not yet seen/heard this problem.


Let’s tempt fate:

No issues on Qobuz via Roon here = UK.

Fingers crossed!


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