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I’ve asked about this problem before but was told that active systems are a bit more susceptible to static/RFI crackle/pop.

Basically every so often (20-30 minutes) I get a static/RFI crackle/pop through my speakers which just lasts a second or less (literally just a single pop) and this happens whether the music is playing or not and even happens when no music is playing and the volume is at zero.

Just wondering if anybody else out there with a Naim active system also experiences this and if it’s normal?

My system is:
Supercap 2 > Nac 52 > Olive Supercap > Snaxo 2-4 > 4x 135’s

I’m currently using one 5 metre pair of Nac A5 on the mid drivers and one 5.5 metre pair of Witch Hat Phantom on the tweeters of my SL2’s.

But I don’t think the speaker cable miss match or slight cable length mismatch has anything to do with this.

It could be picking up something from elsewhere in the house. Do you have a thermostat kicking in every so often? Or a refrigerator or freezer?

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I get a hum rather than static, from my Nac 52 and active Nap 250s, when my wife uses her Keurig in the kitchen. Annoying but infrequent so I have never addressed it.

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I have had static (very faint) generally when powered down and it goes after a few days and never intrudes. Active systems have lots of wires and in my system I have found that separation and free hanging of everything helps (it takes time and effort) but gives stable and consistent results.

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Static in a home is caused by low humidity, get a humidifier… A hygrometer is helpful so you know how the humidity is in the room.

Other noises… get a dedicated AC circuit for you audio.


A well respected hifi dealer I use used to spray the room with a fine mist of water before a serious listening session .
I keep track of the levels myself with this .

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I’m using a Snaxo 242 with 2 x NAP 250.

No static or RFi, but do get a hum from both the transformers on the 250s. Improved by using some IFI DCcBlockers.


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