Static shock off NDX2

Hi all

First time ever, I just got a nasty static shock off of my NDX2.
Has anyone had this? Is this likely to be a one off blip or something I may need to be concerned about?

Many thanks


I suspect the static was from something like your floor covering and the NDX2 provided the path to earth.
Static build up is common in sub zero temperatures, sub zero means dry air & that does not readily bleed off any static buildup.


As Mike says above, the casework of the CDX2 will be providing a nice easy route to earth for any static charge you may have built up.

I wonder how all the US east coast folks manage during winter :rofl:

I used to spend a lot of time on business in Minnesota, the long deep cold winter months staying in nylon carpeted hotels were a static shock ‘experience’.

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We lived just north of Detroit……a dry, very cold winter, and the static was painful at times.

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Yes really weird in the mornings seeing the arc when using the car key to open the car door. It was an essential tool in winter to discharge oneself

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