Stations changed streaming link?

I was just checking my favourites list the other day and noticed 3 stations that no longer responded. Often it is the case that they have changed their streaming details, but VTuner have not picked up on this. Sometimes, the station has just ceased…

Anyway, Stevie, if you could be so kind, could you check the following please?

Radio 1 Dance, Radio 1 HD, Wonderful Radio London 266.

I am, as ever, grateful for the help you so generously give here, I am sure you have many more important matters to attend to!

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Thanks, Robert. Got his tag slightly wrong!

@swtrains Have you done what has been advised here many times in the last few weeks, ie delete your favourites, find the stations again by looking in the menu structure under iradio and then saving the ones you want as favourites again?

In particular this is almost certainly the issue with your BBC stations, although I can’t see Wonderful Radio London 266 anywhere.

Radio 1 HD works via a search, but the other stations mentioned do not.

David it is in Oldies / United Kingdom. It would be good to get this station stream working again. I listen to it on my qB in the kitchen when pottering about!

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Will try that suggestion David - many thanks.

Wonderful Radio London is still broadcasting via its live link but doesn’t seem to work through the streamer either as a favourite or searched for.

Ok, have tried your suggestion.

Radio 1 HD is now playing, but still nothing from Radio 1 Dance or Wonderful Radio London 266.

Perhaps @Stevesky can help?

Hi @swtrains

Firstly, apologies for the delay in replying. My yahoo account that forum notifications go to seem to all go in the junk bucket. That spam filter needs to consider life on the naughty step.


Wonderful Radio London 266 - that station has been down for a while. They have multiple stream variants and over the months they have one by one dying. I’ll write to the station owner and see what is going on.

Radio 1 Dance - Since the BBC went to authorisation token, that station is not formally in the distribution catalogue for 3rd parties. There are some hack links going around the internet, but as we are an official licensee I’d prefer to not use such hacks.



Hi Steve
can’t find my original reply to this, so if it appears twice, my apologies!

Many thanks for your kind efforts. I can live without Radio 1 Dance - there are many similar stations out there. But losing Wonderful Radio London would be a tragic loss, it is quite unique. Could you post back here if you find out anything?

Thanks again!


Hi @swtrains

I wrote to 266 Wonderful Radio, but it doesn’t look promising. All their streams are down + their website is dead.

Will keep an eye on things, but it hints it was someone’s hobby so no real commercial company to chase.



Many thanks, Steve.

Looking at what remains of the website, it looks as though it is now in Chinese hands. What that means, I do not know, but I agree with you - it looks like the station has “faded”.

Thanks again!


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