Stax connection

Just wondering if it is better to connect my Stax SRM006ts energiser directly to the NDX2 or via the 282 preamp.
Yes I know I can try both but has anyone else compared the options?

It’s a lot more convenient to have it connected via the tape out of the NAC282, that way you save plugging an unplugging. You will, of course, need the correct (REC OUT) interconnect for this. Straight from the NDX2 though (use the DIN out for best performance) is more direct and you save running signal through an extra i/c as well as the pre-amp, so there may be some gains to be had that way.

Thanks Richard, but I don’t have to plug and unplug Stax from the NDX2 as I have it connected via the RCA out and just change it on the app output settings. A 5 second job :slight_smile:
I am using some oldish Nordost Red Dawn Flatline as interconnects. Any comments on the Nordost cables?

I haven’t used Nordost interconnects, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine. Naim boxes are not fussy about interconnects in the same way as they are with speaker cables.

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