Steve Guttenberg speaks to Naim

Interesting video on youtube where Steve talks to Naim in New York about the new Muso , Steve Guttenberg has a daily video which is always interesting.


Not sure if you noticed, but a bit of a marketing give away in there from Simon.

Next gen muso3 due out in 10,000 years.

Plenty of time for the forum to discuss possible features then :+1:


“Artifice is not the game.” That’s actually a pretty good sentence right there.

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Well now I know how to pronounce “MuSo.”

Yeah, I always thought it came from the Japanese musō 無相, which means something like “without characteristics,” “formless” in the Buddhist sense. In audio, that could be “neutral, without its own distortions.” Whatever.

Jesus he’s aged since he did those movies in the 80s.


Haven’t we all… :drooling_face:

I saw that the other day. I’ve watched a number of “Super Steve’s” boring rants about when he worked in a shop. The give away for me was he didn’t like muso v1 you know the award winning Bluetooth speaker. Which is a right croc of faeces. I feel the guy could brush his teeth from the inside out. Guess naim should send him some freebies to get him on side.

And that it’s Fo-cal with the cal pronounced as in “calibrate” not Focal as in the optical focal.



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