Stillpoints Ultra 7

Just wondering if anybody has any insight into the new (and still not on their website) Ultra 7?
Paul from Stillpoints told me about these and their whopping price (starting at $1.299 each) and given that I am evaluating a few isolator feet for my DBLs on a suspended wood floor, these may be part of the candidates, but I would like to know a little more about them, at least.

Below a pic of the Ultra 7 beside an Ultra 5.
A flatter design so would expect that the isolating/vibration to heat mechanism may be different?

I’ll be interested to see how your journey goes. Naim chips seem to work best for me on my DBL’s, although my floor is screeded concrete, a foam layer then oak flooring planks. A while back I tried a new set of Mana stands from John Watson but I’m not entirely sure they are the same materials or dimensions as the originals. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to work as well, so went back to chips.

Well, for now I have ordered 8 Herbies Giant Fat Gliders to put under two 30mm granite slab, as a first decoupling and to give the DBL a solid base to stand upon.
On top of that I am considering the various isolator feet to attach to the DBLs.
I too am curious to see how my journey goes… :slight_smile:

Hi sbilotta,
It would be worth a chat with @Tonym, as he has also built decoupling stands for his DBLs.

They don’t sound too shabby either.

Best regards, BF

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Interesting, thanks Bluesfan.

@Tonym, if you’d like to chime in? :slightly_smiling_face:
or if you prefer to email me at my forum handle @ Gmail


You rang?

The chap who I bought my DBLs from was using a pair of Mana Acoustics Soundbases, and sung their praises, but wouldn’t sell them to me as he’d bought another pair of DBLs in a different finish. So whilst there I took measurements & photos. Eventually got round to welding up a pair, and they do work exceptionally well.

The boards are a sandwich of marine ply, with bonded filling of (IIRC) 3mm aluminium.

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I have had the Ultra SS, not the latest Ultra 7 though. Used it on CD player, Preamp and phonostage. The Ultra SS kind of make the midrange recessed. Giving the impression of having more depth. It definitely change the presentation. Personally, I do not like what I hear. But that’s Ultra SS that I’d tried.

Thanks Tony.
I have indeed heard of the great synergy and effectiveness of the Mana Soundbases for DBLs but as you know, they are impossible to find… even rarer than DBLs themselves!
And I do not have your welding skills :slightly_frowning_face:

And, just to put the cherry on the cake, I have also just had a WAF alert… :grimacing:

Currently, theoretically, leaning towards the Gaia Titan Theis but, once I can, would like to try them first.
Stillpoints Ultra 5 also tempting, but at a much higher price point.

We’ll see…

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Have you considered the Townsend Isolation Platforms? If you look at their website, there’s an explanation on how they work (I know, they’re trying to flog them) but also details of a rather interesting test, using a seismometer, that demonstrates how well they isolate . I used the same test on my DIY Manas, & they appear to be just as effective.

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I have indeed and was very impressed with that test.
I then slammed into the WAF brick wall as I would need the size 4 (if to continue to use the DBL spikes, which probably isn’t advisable) or the size 5. This would give the DBLs an even broader footprint (considering the lateral placement of the Seismic Load Cells)…
DBLs can be challenging in a home environment… one must have faith and persevere :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

You could just start with the Herbies gligers under the DBL spikes, let them bed in a bit before deciding, then add the granite back in.

This is my experience with the small ones.

This system is in a flat in the south of France and is all replaced items from my main system except the full Fraim level under the CDX2, the stageline and Decca cartridge. I ran the Thiels on dishcloths to protect the floor at first and there was no harshness. On the next visit I brought the Herbies and fitted the out riggers and cones which involved putting the speakers on their sides. Initially the sound was quite piercing, particularly piano, but was showing signs of mellowing by the end of the week. On the next visit the harshness was gone, I don’t know if it was due to the Herbies settling in or the speakers recovering from being on their sides but I think the former as it hadn’t been there after bringing them a 1000 miles by car and plonking them down on dishcloths.
The gliders make fine tuning position very easy but don’t judge them straight away.

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Something similar is actually what I’m seriously considering.
I have the granite slabs being fabricated and their Giant Fat Gliders are on their way; this will be the base of the DBLs.
Before splashing out the big bucks for the Gaia Titans/Stillpoints/… I was thinking of getting Herbie’s Cone/Spike Puckies (I don’t want a glider on the granite slab) and simply putting the DBL spikes on those and using that as my initial benchmark.
Then hopefully I can try the other options (before buying) and compare the potential extra gains.

Thanks for the tip!

Very good of you to whip those little speakers off their stands just for a useful photo, Tony.


Funnily enough, I did actually have some photos I’d taken previously Chris. Those speakers will never move again; in hundreds of years’ time, someone will unearth them in the ruins of our old cottage, still standing…

Mr Sbilotta, it really is time to show your beloved wife who’s boss, don’t let her push you around! I can post this because my dearly beloved never reads this forum. Incidentally, have you tried the upside-down Naim chips under the speakers? Something Darke Bear showed me, and it really works.

I’ve tried granite blocks under my speakers, admittedly not DBLs but my old SL2s, and it really killed the sound.


easier said than done… she’s an Architect / Interior Designer so aesthetics is an important factor for her.

Re the effect of granite slabs, yes… I’ve heard of that, but I really need a firm and decoupled base from the suspended wood floor (with the help of Herbies Giant Fat Gliders under the granite) and then suitable feet to obtain the final effect.
I’m sure a lot of experimenting will be needed before the final configuration.

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You know that Townsend do bars as well as the platforms. The bars wouldn’t create any more depth but they would stick out either side by several inches. I saw a recent photo where they have improved the load cells.

I too have a suspended floor and hopefully I’ll get time to fit a new engineered Oak floor
I have the Mana bases and I’m looking at putting Chord Silent Mounts under that
Naim Skeets for the rest


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A small and humorous update…
My black granite 3cm thick slabs arrived as also the Herbie’s Giant Fat Gliders that I’d order to go under them.
The only music “system” I currently have are two Apple HomePods set up in stereo mode placed on the suspended wood floor with two black ravioli that I had under them… the sound and acoustics was what it was…
I now have them on the above slabs and to my surprise it made quite a difference to the sound; bass, but not only, definitely better!
Wasn’t expecting any change but, lo and behold, it works to great effect even with HomePods :joy:

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