Stock Naim Power Cord?

Good afternoon. I’ve recently moved around a bunch of my gear and now can’t figure out what if any of my generic appearing black cables are original to my Supernait 2. I understand these are preferable, so is there something that would indicate a stock North American Naim power cable vs the other cords I have lying around?


It should be a pretty thick cable with 16AWG conductors. I don’t remember if they all have the same brand, but the one I can easily reach behind the rack says Yong Sheng.

All my stock Naim power cords are 14AWG in the US

I’m new and I don’t know if I’m wondering where to go, I made two power cables with quality Lego and Viborg plugs
what happens is that these connectors only fit half of the IEC socket on the amplifier and cd player
I own Naim 5i and cd player cd5i mk2, has anyone suffered something like this? what could i do?
thank you

I’ve used the iego copper iec with belden hybrid cable which is quite rigid and it does fit the iec but it requires patience and a little wriggle to push past the biting point on the iec input. The iego iec seems to have a longish point before the pins bite the input. You could take 2mm material off the iec plug or just gently push and wiggle the connector in. It does work as my current power cable for my 5i-2 is a dh labs and iego gold plated new design iec connector. Do not over force the connector but the pins require wiggling in to seat them properly.
I do know what you mean though as my other iego connector will not seat properly with the iec input on my panasonic plasma tv.

I think these on rhodium are more rigid, I have oyaide and they enter without problems
I’ll try what they told me, thanks for the answer

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