Stone Chip Repairs

Recently I had car insurance quotes. A few days later I realized that legally I was bound to show a stone chip repair as a claim in the previous year. I paid £15 towards the cost of the repair and the insurance company would have paid say £50 to £100 (Halfords will repair a chip for £40).

Well the company I had chosen increased the premium by £185. I did a fresh comparison site quotation and all the companies increased their costs from between £60 to over £200. This was for a stone chip measuring 1mm by 1mm. Of course my insurance will be more than it would have been for up to 5 years.

In future I will pay for stone chips myself. Probably most people know it is better to pay yourself but hopefully this may help those that don’t.

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For me, insurance is there to cover things that you really can’t afford yourself, like your house getting destroyed. It seems normal these days for insurers to attempt to recover a payout from future increased premiums, making the premiums you otherwise pay pure profit for them.


Yup, mandatory stuff like healthcare, fire and car insurance. I’ve also a travel insurance with full medical cover since I don’t want to be stuck in a foreign hospital if something happens.

I’d give my right arm to be stuck in a foreign hospital right now if I got ill :open_mouth:


They still probably couldn’t sew it back on though. :grin:

Don’t what insurance is like in the UK but here it’s more than doubled in the last few years. We’ve had bushfires floods and cyclones non stop since 2019, think the insurance companies are trying to get there money back.

It’s getting to the point people can’t afford it.

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