Stones on Decca – Rolling Stones LPs made in UK by the DECCA record company

Interesting site about Rolling Stones records on Decca.


Thank you, very interesting.

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Can’t say I’m a massive fan but I love sites like that.

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Thanks for the link but I can’t see how to link to individual albums. I could only find that the info was there by doing a search for No2, as an example. I’m on my iPad.

Parlogram Auctions’ Andrew Milton sort of does the same thing for The Beatles on vinyl, but he places a lot of emphasis on sound quality. He uses Naim gear occasionally (a Supernait 3 I think). His YouTube channel is very interesting and informative.

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Checked on Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out - not there - strange given that it was released on Decca or have I missed something.

Andy, maybe this will explain…

“ The two key words here are LP and England. At this point I have only documented the LP’s made up to 1969 and the Let It Bleed. UK Decca records from the 70’s will perhaps be added some day.”
Although Get Yer …was recorded between 11/69 and Feb 70, it was only released in Sept 70. Maybe that’s why it’s been omitted.

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Well spotted - I’ll buy that.

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