Stop all the clocks

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,

It’s back!!

Serviced both boxes and it also has the all important new sticker on the back. DR modules must have turned up.

Thanks to Simon at Focal JM in France and Henry and the Naim elves for getting this done and post Brexit transport arranged.

Now for a weekend or three of listening.


Nothing now can ever come to any good.

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I know. Just ask my bank manager. :roll_eyes:

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Back in place and Around 7 hours of running and a couple of hours of sitting still and listening.
First impressions? It now sounds as good as the unserviced non DR 250-2 which it didn’t before sending away.
Vast improvement no, but a little more space and a little more throw of individual instruments and voices, even on rp. Bass more defined but I wouldn’t say more bass. Clarity of individual instruments, outstanding.
I expect it to run in and get better so a few weeks of running then I shall slot the 250 back in and compare again.
Pleased so far as it has shown that the original purchase was as expected not running at its best. Cost so far has been worth it. The acid test will be whether I keep the 300 or opt for the 250 and have that serviced and DR’d.

Better than a poo test…:roll_eyes:

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OK I take it back. Diana Krall ‘Live in Paris’ has just leapt into the room. A definite energy being heard that wasn’t there before.

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A couple of new discoveries this morning. I’m not sure whether the first should be in the mqa thread, but my previous feeling that the RP mqa feed sounded a little distorted at the top end has been more than confirmed by introducing the 300DR. The RP feed is strident to the point if distortion, especially guitar music, when compared to the cd quality feed. (2i and Qutest source)

The second thing is that compared to the 250 the 300DR has more of everything, each mostly in a small way but together just sounds fuller somehow. The extension of sound I can best explain in that I have a largish open plan lounge then dining area, then off in to an L shape extension is the kitchen. I dislike a system that gives me bass shaking through the floor but nothing in the air. The 300 extends that movement of air throughout the open space and in to the kitchen area. I can feel the bass in my chest even while doing my washing up duties. Impressive.

I think this has to merit the oft misused chestnut “it sounds broken”.

I’m glad your 300DR sounds like it should now. I found the 300 a good uplift on the 250. Hard to know about the DR as I was a month without it. I think remember finding it sounded better but couldn’t articulate it at this remove.


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