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Well, at £55 ish im not springing for the new new double, yes I know its the complete concert etc but I have the 1st euro pressing and the first us pressing that I bought at Princeton record exchange on a vinyl shopping trip when vinyl was a little cheaper :wink: damn how to add a photo is as bad as pink fish forum, its 2023! ffs

Adding photos is a doddle. Just touch the mountain icon when you post.

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To add photos; it’s the image icon visible when you reply.

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ive been looking for ten mins and nit found it

it only gives me the photo option on a reply box…

This is the create topic page. The insert photo mountain icon is at the bottom.

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Thanks for the heads (hah!) - up. Since the film is getting a 4K theatrical release, I’m hopeful a 4K disc release might not be far behind.

Shame there’s a fairly definitive vinyl release but no CD/SACD version of the same, but that’s 2023 for you.


I have the 1999 EMI HDCD “Special New Edition”, so atm I’m holding off on this new vinyl release, nice looking though it is.


and as I asked in another thread, if this is the complete concert where do the new tracks come from?

The film and the audio of the concert didn’t include the full set.

The two additional bonus tracks: “Cities” and “Big Business/I Zimbra,” were cut from the original 1984 film and soundtrack

so the byline on the 1999 release that it contained ‘all the songs’ and the ‘complete concert’ were wrong. Advertising eh! Thank you. I couldn’t find my old DVD of the concert for the life of me.

It says it contains all the songs from the movie, which is correct as far as I know. The 2 tracks were cut from the movie as well as the cd

You have to save the image among your photos first before you can attach it…:innocent:

I bought this as I don’t have the original release on vinyl. A bit steep but on listening I feel it’s well worth it. Every bit as good as a Speakers Corner release and better than most of the silver series Mofi’s I have.

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That’s seems ridiculously obvious now that you say that! I will claim a senior moment for not grasping that possibility!

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My all time fave live album so I have the original lp original dvd, original cd, probably a vhs somewhere! And now the new LP. New LP sounds very different, smoother and maybe a little less dynamic. Not sure I am a fan, after one listen.

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Haven’t heard this new version of SMS, but I reckon The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads might be a better live album. (Sounds great too).

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