Anyone having a miserable night’s music having turned their system off for the storms in UK last night? Switched mine back on 8.00am still sounds terrible. I will get minor improvements but it won’t be back to normal until this time next week! :flushed:

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Not in UK, but storms 2 days ago here. I switched off all . Switched on the next day and 3 hours later my system is singing as before.
But I have not so many boxes…and not active.

Yes still switched off, though he QB2 is being used as a stand in…expendable if need be, as much as i luv it.

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I’m in Canada, but have the same issue. I switched off and unplugged my system today, and we’ll be having lightning storms on and off all week, so I’m just going to leave it off.
If they happen at night, it would be a problem.


Maybe due to loud thunder your hearing has suffered some damage??

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