Stormy weather

Hope no one’s been badly affected by the storms.

Mrs AC’s sister texted earlier to say she’s been flooded again - 3rd time in under a decade :frowning_face:

Many areas flooded across the UK.

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The North Atlantic is becoming a great kitchen of frequent isolated depressions at high atmospheric levels (tropical storms) that will leave us without names or letters in the alphabet… I’m sorry for the losses; we already live the era of consequences, and more and more…


My house insurers were getting twitch as I’m within 500m of the river - then I point out my house is 80m above the level of the river, when they looked properly at a map they accepted that.


I thought it had settled won - sounds barmy outside now :frowning:

There was some speculation in our house as to what the next storm was called. We had Ciara, then Dennis.
Edna ? Edith ? Eileen ? Esmeralda ? Electra ?
No boring Ellen.

Next one
Fred ? Frank ? Floyd ? Finnegan ?
Place your bets now.

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Evil Edna?

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I’d not be surprised if you could bet on it.

Met Office listings …
Ciara, Dennis, next are Ellen, Francis, Gerda … hopefully won’t see these until the end of the year


Damm, I was hoping to clean up.
Sincere apologies and sympathy for those that really do need to clean up.
Stay safe.

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