Strange earth loop?

I have a nap90 and nac 92 with a flatcap all running well. If I replace the fc with a CB hicap all runs well. When I replace the cb with an Olive hicap I get a loud hum from the speakers - typical of an earth loop.

The cb hicap normally is on a 32.5/250 cb system. If i replace the cb hicap with the Olive hicap here there is no earth hum .

What is going on here?

Don’t know, but possibly cabling issues. Perhaps do a self-clean of the connectors by putting them on and off a few times

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I would agree. Check your SNAIC’s… :neutral_face:

Ok, further messing has identified it as the Olive hicap. If I connect it and then leave it for 5 minutes turned on the hum goes away. Another box to go to Darran. He is going to be a busy chap.

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