Strange SNAIC

I recently bought a used Hicap on a well known internet auction site. It was delivered with a 180 degree DIN interconnect instead of the 240 degree Hicap to (in this case) NAC102 lead. It has a tag which, as far as I can see, says NA-06. I assumed that this was a signal lead - the same as that which connects my ND5 to the NAC102. Thinking it would be a good idea to test it, I substituted it for my usual signal lead. The result - no sound at all from the speakers, unless I hit the Tape button on the NAC102, when I get sound from the right channel only. I have no idea what is going on. Can anyone explain what is happening and what this lead should be used for?

Cliff, I assume you have looked at the FAQ on here re. Interconnect ID. NA-06 on the band definitely seems to indicate a Naim build (it refers to who at the factory made the cable). Sounds like it’s an interconnect, but a reverse one. Is the band yellow? In which case it’s an AV2 interconnect.

Thank you Richard; I hadn’t seen the interconnect FAQ. The tag on the lead looks white, but it could well be a very faded yellow - so I reckon you’re right and it’s a reverse AV2 lead. Probably not a lot of demand for those these days.

Perhaps it could be re-wired to make it a standard lead?

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